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4 Things Every Youth Sports Organization should do this Summer

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The middle of the summer can be the slowest time of year for many youth sports organizations. Spring sports are winding down, and there is a lull before fall sports begin. Families are on vacation, and board members are looking for a break from the action.

It's important to take some time off and let players, parents, and coaches take to relax without bombarding them with too much information about your fall and winter seasons. But, there are a few things every organization can do to keep the ball rolling! We've got 4 ideas every youth sports organization should do this summer to get ready for next season.

1. Make an exciting announcement

Who doesn't love an exciting announcement about their team? College and pro teams know how to make a big announcement to keep fans excited, and your youth sports program can do the same.

Making an exciting announcement keeps your organization in the back of parents and community members' minds during the slow months of summer. Need a few ideas? Give something away, host a free camp (see below), open a new apparel store, ask a local artist to make you a new logo, or launch a new website!


Everyone loves a big announcement. Make sure parents, players, and coaches have something to keep them excited this summer.

2. Host a one-day camp for players

A one or two day camp offers a great opportunity for players to get ready for the fall season. A short camp can also be a great opportunity or for new players to try out your sport without committing to a full season, almost like a short trial. You can also allow new volunteer coaches to get their feet wet before starting to coach their team.

Organizing a short camp for 50 or so kids can be a simple project for a board member that has a few extra hours on their hands, and securing a facility can be a bit easier during the slow months between spring and fall sports. A short camp can also be a great fundraising opportunity if you want to charge a small fee to participate. 

Plus, parents love any opportunity to get the kids out of the house for a day or two in August before school starts. 

3. Post your Fall and Winter event schedules

Parents love to have their calendars scheduled months in advance. The earlier you can release fall and winter game or event schedules, the more likely it is that you'll have full attendance in a few months when your most important events come around.

Even if the dates are just tentative, make sure you have your first practice, first game, last game, and postseason events posted online and on your social media channels. 


Posting the main events for your Fall and Winter seasons releives a lot of stress for parents and coaches.

4. Give the board a break from meetings

Scheduling board meetings in the summer can be difficult with board members going on family vacations, getting ready for the beginning of the school year, and general mid-summer leisure.

Consider cancelling one of your monthly meetings, or just doing an informal meet-up at a local restaurant instead. If you have a few important items that need to be voted on, you could handle the votes online or via phone call instead of calling a meeting that could take up a few hours. Taking a month-long break from formal meetings with agendas can give your volunteer board a nice recess and get them energized for your upcoming seasons. 


Serena doesn't like unnecessary meetings, and neither does your board.

Wrapping up the summer checklist...

Keeping everyone involved with your sports organization in the loop during the summer is a big challenge. It's important to give everyone a bit of a break at some point in the summer, including your board members and other volunteers. But, keeping your website and social media channels updated with a few important announcements, and posting schedules can be a good start. Consider hosting a one-day event like a camp or training session to get everyone ready for the fall season and draw interest from new families.


What else is your organization working on this summer to get ready for your upcoming season? Send us a message at or post a comment below!

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