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How mobile-friendly tools can help your sports organization

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You've probably noticed that the parents at your sports organization love their cell phones. At your games and practices they might be taking pictures, browsing the internet, sending text messages, and checking email.

In 2014 the number of mobile internet users surpassed the number of desktop internet users. As mobile users continue to grow, it becomes more and more important to have a website for your sports organization that works well on phones.

Here's a few reasons a mobile-friendly website can help your team or league:

Parents are always on the go

Parents are constantly on the move. Having an easy way to contact parents on phones and tablets can reduce stress for your administrators and participants. Accessing schedules and important updates from any device can make the life of a busy parent a bit easier.

Parents can also register and pay to play in your league or organization from a mobile-friendly website, which might help increase participation just a bit.


Your board members and coaches are busy

Getting to a computer before a practice or game can be difficult. Easy administrator access to important information from anywhere can help save time and keep you focused on the enjoyable parts of running your teams.

A mobile-friendly website can allow coaches and volunteers to post information to the website from any device, and even send emails and text messages to your teams and age divisions.

Mobile websites help new families discover your sports organization

Starting in 2014, Google began ranking mobile-friendly sites higher in search results than sites that are not mobile-friendly. Increasing participation can be difficult year over year, but If you have a mobile-friendly website you'll rank higher when parents are searching for sports organizations in your community. A few minor updates could bring a few new families to your organization each year.


Have any tips or tricks that you're using to keep in touch with busy sports parents and volunteers? Send me a message at


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