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The Rundown: June 2016

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Introducing: Communication Tool

In case you missed it, a few weeks ago we launched our new communication tool. We are really excited about this one! With the new communication tool, you will be able to post announcements and send notifications directly to parents and players via text message (SMS) or email. This is how it works…

Every time you set-up an online registration program, a “communication list” will be created. As soon as someone registers, their contact information will automatically be added to the new list. Now, you can simultaneously post an announcement and share it with this list (or several lists!). You also have the ability to make your own custom communication lists, where you can add the names, phone numbers, and emails of other members involved with your organization. This is a great way to keep all of your fans in the loop! 


Introducing: Mobile Login

One of the most requested features for our communication tool was the ability to use the tool on a mobile device. Done! You now have the ability to login, post announcements, and send notifications to your lists - all from your mobile device. This will be very helpful in updating your players with priority information while you are on-the-go!


Next Up: Dashboard

Up next… the dashboard. We are building a page that summarizes important information about your website right when you login. You will soon be able to see how many hits your site has received in the past 30 days, a summary of texts and emails sent through the communication tool, as well as an overview of your online registration numbers. This will provide you with the most relevant information necessary for you to run your organizations effectively and efficiently. Stay tuned for more information!


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