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Feature Release: Subscribe to Announcements

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We've been working to make communicating with members of your sports organization as stress free as possible. Sports organizations have been having success communicating with coaches, parents, and players using the text messaging and email tool on Jersey Watch. But, we wanted to make it easier for people to opt in to updates from your sports organization.

Visitors to your website can now subscribe to your announcements from the homepage of your site. 


When you post an Announcement, you'll automatically have a "Publicly Subscribed" list available to send emails and text messages. The "Publicly Subscribed" list includes everyone that adds their contact information on your homepage (so make sure you send them every announcement, because they want to hear from you!).

When people subscribe to your lists, you'll receive an email notifcation the next day to let you know there are new members.

You can still message your Registration lists or Custom Contact lists. If a person is on your Publicly Subscribed list and another list, Jersey Watch will just send them one message.

Once people subscribe, they can always remove themselves from the list at a later date if they no longer participate.

Have requests?

We're working on improving Jersey Watch every day. Other suggestions that could help you run your sports organization? Let us know!


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