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The Rundown: August 2016

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Facebook login for parents

When parents register and pay on your website they now have the option to login using Facebook account. Facebook logins are simple, fast, and secure, and provides an easier option for busy parents who want to register their kids quickly. It also makes registering and paying from a phone a breeze. If a parent doesn't use Facebook they can still login by using their email address.

Self Signup for New Organizations

You can now create a new website and account in no time. If you need to create a new website for a sports organization, you can get started in just a few minutes. Click here to try it out.

Private Announcements

You now have the ability to send announcements without posting them to your Announcements wall. It's a great for private announcements to just board members, coaches, etc. Just click the "eyeball" button below to before sending to make your announcement private.


On Deck...

1. We’re making it easier and faster to upload images to the Slideshow. You’ll be able to re-size and crop images as you upload them so you can make sure images of your teams and events are sized just right.

2. Increased flexibility for Roster and Staff profiles. It will be simple to include more detailed information about players, coaches, and staff members throughout your website!

As always, let us know if you have any questions or suggestions by sending us a message at




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