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Feature Release: Sports Scheduling Hub

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Scheduling games, practices, and events can be tough. But, we're here to help make it easier and keep everyone on the same page! Today we're releasing a new Scheduling feature on Jersey Watch. 

What is the new Scheduling feature?

The new Scheduling feature will serve as the hub for all of your practices, games, and any other events at your organization.

You'll get to the "Command Center" by clicking on "Scheduling" on the left side of your account.


After clicking on Scheduling, you can add new Schedule pages by clicking the "+ New Schedule" button at the top.

When you create a new Schedule a new page will automatically be created on your website, and can by moved on My Pages.

You can add new events to existing Schedules easily by clicking the "+ New Event" button.

You can also view all of your events in one list by using the "-All Events-" on the dropdown menu, or view each schedule individually by selecting it from the dropdown menu.

All of previous Schedule pages and Events you've created in the past are already live in your account. Schedule pages can also still be moved adjusted on your website using My Pages. Scheduling is also available if you login on mobile, so you can update events on the go! 

How will it help administrators?

The new Scheduling feature allows you to view all of the events for your organization at one time in your account. You can also sort by a Schedule page.

You can also display all of your events on one page of your website by using the link, or the upcoming events by using 

If you want to include a link to all of your events, you can add a Direct Link page on your website and call it "Master Calendar", "Upcoming Events" or something along those lines.

Storing the Schedules on the website, instead of Spreadsheets or PDFs also make the Schedule flexible over time as changes are made. No more worrying about making sure everyone has the up-to-date schedule.

You can also send out links to the schedules to the correct groups of contacts via email or text message through the website when schedules are finalized or adjusted.

How will it help parents and other website visitors?

Now visitors to your website can view all events for all of your teams or divisions at one time instead of viewing them each separately. So, if a visitor wants to view all events happening on February 15, they can bookmark your page and they'll always be able to easily view everything that's happening soon.

Parents and coaches can use the website as the hub for Scheduling information, instead of constantly contacting board members and coaches with questions, or showing up at the wrong time or location.

What's next with the Scheduling feature?

Soon we'll be rolling out an Upcoming Events widget that you can enable on your homepage. The widget will show all of the upcoming events from your Schedule pages, and it will automatically update for you as new events are added.

The page will also be sortable by month, week, and more views so visitors can easily find the events within specific timeframes.

We'll also be continuing to make the Scheduling feature faster and easier to edit. More to come! 

Have requests?

Have questions or suggestions about the new Scheduling feature? Or, have another idea for improvements? Send us a message at


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