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Feature Release: Dashboard and Analytics for your Sports Organization's Website

Tim Gusweiler Technology Update Comments:2

Introducing: A new Dashboard to understand everything on your website

Today we released a new Dashboard that will allow you to view all of the important information to your organization on one page.

What's on the Dashboard?

  • Easy-to-access buttons to post new Announcements and create new registration programs.
  • Analytics widget to view traffic to your website over the last 30 days (we're willing to bet that traffic is spiking on the days you send emails and text messages).
  • Overview of recent Announcements, including text messages sent, emails sent, and views for each Announcement. See which Announcements have been most effective and learn if parents and coaches are viewing your email and text messages.
  • Online Registration overview with total players and dollars collected for each Program. Details about each player can be viewed by clicking on each program or using the Online Registration button on the left side of your screen.




You can also access the Dashboard from a mobile phone to view up-to-date information, post Announcements, and send email and text reminders.



Next time you login to your account you'll be directed to the Dashboard. The content on your website will continue to be edited using the My Pages feature and by updating the Settings on the left side of the screen.

Have any questions or feedback on the new Dashboard? Send us a message at!


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